Hill House Mural

A revolving canvas bringing art into our community.

How it works

Each mural will be displayed for 3 months after which it’ll be painted over by the next artist. Artists have creative freedom to choose the direction and medium used for the project. The goal is to create an opportunity for up-and-coming artists both local and across the world who are looking for one of their first paid mural gigs.

Applications are always open for future murals

M. Curry Designs

July 2019 - A mural celebrating life and a new future featuring a phoenix by Myron Curry.


April 2019 - Neonbird (Erna Kristin) is an Icelandic visual artist in Seattle who does graphic design, art, and illustration. While she is an established designer, this was her first outdoor mural.

Ten Hun

January 2019 - Ten Hundred (Peter Robinson) is an artist from Seattle, WA. He offered to help kick off the project and raise awareness of the project. He already has murals in Seattle, New York City, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Tokyo Japan and Buzios Brazil.

M. Curry Designs

M. Curry Designs (Myron Curry) painted our 2019 Summer Mural.


Neonbird (Erna Kristin) applied to paint our first open application for our April 2019 mural. When we saw her Icelandic inspired art we fell in love and were so excited when she agreed to do our spring mural.

From our first meeting Erna was incredibly professional and super hard working. We battled some typical spring Seattle weather challenges but we put up a temporary tarp so we could work independent of the weather.

As the colors started getting added to the mural this incredible forest started coming to life.

Ten Hun

Ten Hun (Peter) who specializes in bright, colorful, imaginative character work was the first one I pitched the project to get feedback and I was blown away when he offered to paint the first mural and film it for his youtube channel to raise awareness.

Check out his Youtube channel

If you live in the Seattle area, you should definitely check out his awesome store Statix down in Pioneer Square.

The concept art Peter sent over immediately told me we had made the right decision kicking off this mural project with him as the artist.

The concept and final design both feature the words, "DO YOU". As Peter describes it, be yourself, live free, don’t worry what others think.

Overall the concept is well executed and bright, bold and stunning in real life. One of the fun aspects of Ten Hun's work is the characters he's created the he repeats throughout his work. In this project the bird, cat and three ghosts are all characters you can find in many of his other murals.

We Believe Women

After the posters from the women march had faded I felt there was an opportunity to update the mural to add some more inspirational messages to the wall.

With some simple spray paint and stencils I spray painted the message "We Believe Women" to remind people that there are lots of people who are listening and here to be supportive.

Women's March

Amplifier ( a Washington nonprofit) put together a "We the People" series of posters for the Women's march which took place on inauguration day in 2017.

The illustration portraits of these women were done by the famous street artist Shepard Fairey using photographs from French and Senegalese artist Delphine Diallo, Ridwan Adhami, and Arlene Mejorado.

The process was fairly simple. Printing out the posters at fedex in full color I cut them out and flattened them. Mixing together some wheat paste from a recipe I found on the internet I posted them up on the wall.

To protect them and the wall I used an over coat protective layer of Golden Arcylic to help protect the images from the weather.

Hill House Mural Details

Building Location:
North East Capitol Hill Seattle

Each mural art will be up for 3 months upon which it’ll be painted over

$500 to help cover supplies & time

No swearsNo nudityNo graphic violenceNothing against religious beliefs, race, sex, lgbtq
Video/Social Media:
Hell yea, document and share anything you want, photos, videos, etc. Encourage artists to sign with Instagram handles so people can find more of their work

Art Direction:
Totally up to the artists be creative. Can use any of the side of the wall and even wrap around to the front if desired. Brush/Spray/Paste any type of medium works.

Building owner can help prep and prepare the wall if desired, can even roll with latex base.

Tools available:
Rollers and poleSome random latex paintLaddersPowerWaterHave photography/camera equipment available if needed
Wall Dimensions:
Short side height: 4’Tall side height: 7’Width: 15’